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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the TDGC Summer league?

Currently, registration is done in-person by the practice baskets on hole 17. Please be registered by 5:45 PM to play! Players meeting at 6 PM sharp. We are currently using paper score cards for this season. If you’re going to arrive LATE, please let someone know to add you to the list and pay for your entrance.

Is there a membership fee for the TDGC Summer season?

The cost to participate in the Toronto Disc Golf Clubs Summer League is $15 per week.

There is also an optional $35 for seasonal membership which makes you eligible for CTP’s, Ace pot, special events, club finals and more!

What is the format / layout for the TDGC Summer league?

At Toronto Disc Golf Clubs Summer league we offer two divisions: PRO and AM. We play Random Draw, Best Shot Doubles for the most part.  On occasion we will be introducing  Alternate Short or Combined Score formats.

Where is this Toronto Disc Golf Club located?

This is Centennial Park Disc Golf Course located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 151 Elmcrest Drive. Established in 1979, and one of the longest running Disc Golf Clubs in Canada, the Toronto Disc Golf Club plays every Monday night (summer league), and Saturday’s at 10am in the Winter Season.

What’s the difference between the Pro and the AM? What category should we register in if we came out?

Our PRO division features players that typically play in AM1 or PRO in tournaments, while our AM division covers the rest. Right now, both PROs and AM’s are playing the same tee pads. As the season progresses, the PRO’s begin to play from the Long Tee Pads. Play where you feel comfortable and have fun! Oh, and don’t be a sandbagger 🙂

What day of the week does the TDGC play?

As a general rule of thumb, the Toronto Disc Golf Club plays every Monday in the summer at Centennial Park, except when it’s a long weekend. Then we play on Tuesdays. 

This year, our Tuesday club days are:

  • May 23rd
  • July 4th
  • Aug 8
  • Sept 5th
What kind of facilities are on site?

At the Toronto Disc Golf Club, there are public restrooms available by Hole 4.

Is the course cart friendly / dog friendly?

Depending on levels of snow, the course is 100% cart friendly.

Although we do not have an official ruling on Yes / No for dogs attending TDGC league nights, we ask that if you choose to bring your furry friend, be mindful of the vibe on your card, respect your fellow players, keep up with the pace of play and it should be fine.

What is a CTP?

A CTP is a prize awarded to the player with the further drive, or closest to the pin. You must be a registered member to be eligible for CTP prizes during the 2023 Summer Season!

What's the League Rule. Is a disc OB when stuck in a tree above 2 metres?

At CP we play it as OB. Old school/ west coast rule.

History: The 2 metre rule was once a universal rule. Then changed to where TD’s could opt out, and many in most of the country did. Then changed to where a TD can opt in, for the course, or one hole. Or even one tree. For whatever reason, the West Coast generally went with tradition, whereas most of the rest of the country went with change.

Are the gardens played as OB? What about the water line on Hole 6 and 7?

At TDGC league nights, the general OB is as follows – On or over all road/pathways is OB on ALL holes.

When it pertains to Hole 6 and 7, when there is a line painted, that is the OB line.
Otherwise, if you’re dry you’re safe.